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In order to create this 3D-generated book I could have chosen at least two different paths: the book could have been computer-generated - by using dedicated graphic programs - or I could have made a solid model and scanned it afterwards, so to make a duplicate.
I chose this latter alternative since by a conceptual point of view the contamination and mutual translation between different semiotic systems and (in this case) tools is what interests me at the utmost degree.
I am intrigued by the challenge implied by the translation from the analogical mark of the artist's manual gesture into the digital one of the mechanical reproductive power of the printer.
The production process is thus divided into three distinct phases: drawings and sculptures, scanning, printing.
With an eye to the tutorial convention, I took care to insert documental photos to help users apprehending the production process in its entirety.

Tatiana Villani
English translation by Lola Savino (http://lolasavino-katatronix.tumblr.com)