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The “Logos” concept was born in Rome, on the day I met the Unterwelt hackerspace team.
In those days, the team was discussing the organisation of the european edition of the “Maker Faire” event (that would take place from the 3rd to the 6th of October at “Palazzo dei Congressi” in Rome) with its organisers.
Later on, as the Logos project was in the developing phase, the Rome-based group expressed an interest in integrating it into the set of projects that Unterwelt was to contribute to the fair. The purpose was to provide an example of possible cooperation between makers and contemporary art.
I very much liked the idea, so I decided to mount a performance of participatory art in the course of which, with the aid of infographics and real-time printings and roughs, I could initiate a conversation about experiences and ideas with the attending public.
Among the highlights of the performance, many fruitful exchanges were made and many connections established between social workers dealing with the problems of the visually challenged, in particular with reference to the thrilling prospect of creating 3-D imaginary maps.

Tatiana Villani
English translation by Lola Savino (http://lolasavino-katatronix.tumblr.com)

Conversation with children
Infographics, detail
Demonstrational print
Discussion about technique
Infographics, detail
Discussion about possible applications