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Atypo is a virtual publishing house dealing with the production and promotion of "hard copy" artists' books - either unique or replicable - that address the internet and media virtual world in a creative and atypical manner: that is, by proposing a complement to the present offer of e-books, or yet, by reconfiguring the artist's book in the digital dematerialization era of online publishing.
Atypo aims to be both an online showcase and a generator of events dealing with the exhibition, presentation and promotion of the books in its catalogue.
When we set ourselves to work on the selection of the new artists for the 2014 catalogue of our publishing house, Tatiana Villani's talent and skills immediately imposed her as an obvious choice, as we could straightaway picture her at work on an artist's book.
At the very core of her research, indeed, is an enquiry about the symptoms and traces of the human being's psychological transformation over time with regard to her/his ever-evolving socio-cultural context.
Her multifaceted production of artworks is axed on the translation into the open space of the exhibition of each and every aspect of this evolution, by means of an array of different media, among which are photography, video and text, in an ever-ending cycle of experimentation.
Tatiana Villani's great versatility and her mastery of the multidisciplinary approach to the medium in its relation to the art concept led me to an intense interest in her work, which caused me to invite her to realize a piece of work for the Atypo collective.
I am convinced that Tatiana Villani's collaboration to this project can be a meaningful contribution to our mutual growth, as, in fact, not only shall it be extremely interesting to observe the interplay between the subject matter of Atypo and the artist's special mode of research (which will definitely nourish both the expressive potential of the artist's book and our own collection), but it shall also be of great benefit to Tatiana Villani herself to get a distinctively new opportunity to put to the test her own course of development, study and experimentation of her artistic language in its application to the manifold social field - which is both her own aim and Atypo's wish for her.


Alessandra Ioalé - Atypo
English translation by Lola Savino (http://lolasavino-katatronix.tumblr.com)