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The Logos project spans back and forth through a wide range of different historical periods, art techniques and technologies. Its purpose is to build up a close dialogue between its hardware and its software components: that is, between the artist´s book as a physical “hardware” object and its virtual “software” expansion through the website. This expansion, which is the equivalent of an open program applied to the artistic process, is the open source of this process itself.
In other terms, the website is the software component of the book: it is the sharing of the artistic process on the Internet. And it is indeed its immaterial part in its full ambiguity, as we are aware at last that the “clouds” are, in fact, cumbersome networks of very “heavy” databases.
This same ambiguity has been transposed into the hardware configuration of the Logos project; this project is indeed showed in an archeological museum that was specially conceived to showcase it and in which various disparate objects are preserved and classified: the drawn symbols, the sculpted slabs, the 3D-printed book.
All this will make for an ironical academic memorial to contemporarity.

Tatiana Villani
English translation by Lola Savino (http://lolasavino-katatronix.tumblr.com)

Pedestal with gloves provided for visitors to flip through the book
Shelf with classified drawings
Overall view of the museum, with visitors
(Location “Studio Gennai”, Pisa)
Display cabinet with slides
Overall view of the museum in one of its possible configurations, presented in a reduced version for the occasion